Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hype Means Nothing

Instagram is where I usually discover brands or designers that I find interesting. People don't usually like to put where they got what they're wearing (in fear that someone will take advantage of their best kept secrets perhaps?) but I always find a way ;).

I was on my fellow fashion bloggers' Instagram (Song of Style) when I stumbled upon her sister's Instagram (@SongDani). She was wearing one of the Hype Means Nothing shirts I have pictured above. I absolutely LOVE this french brand, and have known about them for a while but never took the time to delve any further than looking at a couple pictures. 

My taste overtime has changed, however, and being that I've been looking for some beyond ordinary t-shirts to add to my collection, this is reappearing in perfect time. 

I can't go to France right at this moment, but lucky for all of us they ship to the US! Find them online here .  I'll definitely be grabbing mine. 

Images: Courtesy of Jiggas in Paris, Colette.fr, Amberlust, TheDailyStreet.co


  1. Support your local HMN retailler :

    Colette (Paris - FR)
    Allan Joseph (Marseille - FR)
    APPARTEMENT 16 (Reims - FR)
    Le Bouclard (Paris -FR)
    THE FRIDGE (Caen - FR)
    MAJESTIC (Montpellier - FR)
    Mama Shelter (Marseille - FR)

    BOTTEGA BACK DOOR (Bologna - IT)
    RAIL (Brescia - IT)

    Selfridges (London - UK)
    CIRCLE (West Yorkshire - UK)
    END (Newcastle Upon Tyne - UK)
    LA MAISON DE SAC (Leicester - UK)
    Aphrodite Clothing (Sunderland - UK)

    GORILLI (Rotterdam - NL)
    LOCK AND LOAD (Utrecht - NL)

    STORM (Copenhagen - DK)

    ESPAÇO B (Lisboa - PT)

    Night & Day (Moscow - RUS)

    AVENUE (Baku - AZ)
    EMPORIUM (Baku - AZ)

    EXI.T store (Hong Kong)

    CROSSOVER (Johor, Malaisia)


    NOT FOR SALE (Tel Aviv - ISR)

    NUBIAN (Tokyo - JP)
    GR8 (Tokyo - JP)

    FIVESTORY (New York - USA)
    REVIVE (Birmingham - USA)
    THE PINES (Kernersville - USA)
    Re: Fresh (New Orleans - USA)
    Feature (Las Vegas - USA)
    Social Status (Pittsburgh - USA)
    Wild Style (Los Angeles - USA)

  2. https://www.facebook.com/hypemeansnothing


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