Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Color Bombs & Bricks

I: This was an outfit I wore to a Theophilus London concert I attended with C. It was an incredible time, but I've been saving the post for later months because I thought it was the perfect winter outfit. I really liked the way a chunky scarf made a much larger turban than I usually sport, and the oversized top, with a tight pant and simple wedge were perfectly complementary. I hope you guys enjoy our take on comfy-chic.
C: Wearing Vintage Bell-Sleeve Sweater, Zara riding pant, Nine West Fur-Cuff Bootie
I: Wearing Cloud Dress (vintage), H&M Oversize Sweater, American Apparel Riding Pant, Zigi Soho Wedge boot, F21 Scarf as Turban

Sunday, November 13, 2011


C&I: Hello all! We took advantage of the crisp, fall evening and headed out to shoot a couple pics on our way out to dinner at Cuba de Ayer. (Lovvvvve Cuban food!) As you can see, we had a special guest on our hands- our beloved little bro, J. Hope you all enjoy!
C: Wearing Vintage Jacket, H&M Dress, Forever21 Necklace, Urban Outfitters Polka-Dot Tights, Vintage Socks, American Apparel Black Sash and Dolce Vita Boots 
J: Wearing Zara Jacket, Mossimo Button-up, Vintage Sweater, Express Jeans, Tan Suede Bucks and no label Hat
I: Wearing American Apparel Opaque Tights, American Apparel Socks, Ziggy Soho Wedges, American Apparel Denim Shorts, Vintage Sweater, Vintage Vest, Sparkle & Fade Head Scarf and Vintage Bag

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bundle Up

Fall Coats

It's time to bundle up in some warm coats! I love these trench coats and interestingly cut jackets, they are definately on my wish list for this season. So take a look at these and I hope they will inspire you to get a little creative with your choice of coats for fall.

Fall Dresses

Fall Dresses
D: These are some beautiful dresses that are on my wish list. I love how each one has its own unique style and are easy to layer under any trench coat or cashmere sweater. That's probably what I like most about the fall, the simple ability to layer clothing for a warm and effortlessly chic look. Oh and of course I love the multicolored leaves too! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Chilly Evening

D: The other weekend I headed to D.C for Howard Homecoming, it was a very
interesting experience and I was purly ecstatic because I got to spend some quality time with I and C. So I decided to make a quick post of what I was wearing on one chilly, but exciting, evening.....
Oh how I love venturing to new places!
sweater: vintage
turban: asos
shorts: American Apparel
tights: asos

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

I: We took a little spontaneous trip to a field near our houses the other day around sundown, and decided to take advantage of the beautiful lighting and the perfect scenery. I decided to show you all more of the scenery, vs more of us, because we all agreed that this place was deserving of some spotlight time. I think we all really loved the fact that we had just stumbled upon a mini paradise- not to mention one that made our skin look flawless.
I'm sure you'll be seeing more of this rich, wheat-like grass, and the gorgeous, warm lighting in our later adventures. We're constantly discovering new, interesting places for photo-ops and inspiration :)
Hope you enjoy!
Love always, C.I.D.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moody Judy

I: Hello all! I hope you guys are enjoying this dip in temperature as much as I am-- winter is FINALLY here. In celebration, I created a little mood board for October, or at least the beginning of it. I'm sure, just because I change so often in what I like/like to wear, that I'll definitely post more of these within the month. Hopefully, the others will be a little more substantial. 
Basically, I'm really feeling muted, earth-toned colors and really flowy, overzised pieces lately. My makeup of choice has been a bold brow- inspired by  a photoshoot I did with Armina Muse- a neutral, or statement lip, tons of mascara, and a little bronzer. It gives off an effortless vibe, but still a little edgy feel- perfect for fall when you wake up chilly and don't feel like doing too much. I find myself also leaning toward more feminine things- I think I was going through a grungy, holey stage and now I'm back to loving the whole tailored, pretty thing again. We'll see where that goes...

Enjoy!! And Happy October ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Studio 85

 C: The Studio 85 Boutique had its grand opening in D.C. this past Friday. The place was packed full of all ages coming to get a first glimpse at the quaint, stylish location. As soon as I entered the first thing I noticed was that the walls were filled with gorgeous paintings and drawings.
All the artwork belonged to local DMV artists who were also at the opening. Rich Ant (pictured above, along with some artwork), my personal favorite artist of the night, was actually painting live in the back of the boutique. I was of course one of the people standing behind her for 30 minutes wondering how someone could have so much talent in one hand! 
Artist: Creative Junk (below, left)
The entire event was extremely intimate, which I loved. It was neat to be able to have one-on-one’s with the artists on top of checking out the funky hand-made jewelry. From leather cut-out earrings... 
...to pink neon bow-tie hair pieces, they had it all! I of course snagged a pair of massive black hoops for myself (which actually ended up breaking... :( ).
        The boutique features a beautiful, mostly earth-toned nail polish line-- I wanted every color! The orange and the pale, shell pink were two of my personal favorites :) On my next trip, I'll definitely be grabbing a couple of these babies.
Artist: Marc William Bryant (Above)
Artist: Patrick Burns (above, left)
Unfortunately none of the actual clothes were on display that night because the place was so packed, but I smell a trip to Studio 85 with the girls in the near future. We’ll get our fix then ;)


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