Thursday, June 6, 2013

Diamond Life

Diamond Life

Having a couple summer uniforms is very important to me. You guys already know I like to keep things simple. During the humid months that are quickly approaching, simplicity will be my best friend. How do you do this without being basic you may be asking yourself? Never put on anything that doesn't have character in its details. From tiny things like your earrings to your shoes, spice it up. I used to overcompensate a lot with my outfit choices by doing what we call 'too much'. Trying to stand out and look as different as possible, while at the same time trying to be part of the 'hipster' trend so many of my friends were into. I know, I was a hypocrite. Thankfully one day I looked in the mirror and saw a fraud staring back at me. Brought me to my senses with a quickness. Fast-forward to the outfit I put together for you lovely people. Easy staples that can be interchanged a trillion ways. High-waisted shorts, sexy sandals and killer shades (make sure you know the right shape for your face!). You literally can't go wrong.



  1. I do love that diamond top, so cute to matched with shorts !

  2. nicee top

  3. Great style especially the heels!!

  4. Wow, love that top, short and wow backpack!

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  5. you so cute babe! Join my giveaway:

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  7. the leather backpack is marvellous! something like that has been on my wishlist for quite some time! also the shorts and glasses are stunning!

    1. there are so many different amazing ones its so hard to chose!

  8. Great look, really really cool!

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  10. tee and shorts are the best ones for me!


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