Monday, July 22, 2013

Tan Lines

...I'm sure we all have them right about now. Just a quick shot of my favorite heels of the moment. I hope you all can forgive me for being a ghost. I've been treating DCO like an abandoned child and trust me it hurts. My life has taken an unexpected turn and I'm feeling a little lost. The woes of being a 20-something living on your own in New York. I'm usually never open like this on here but I thought maybe people would relate? I know that nothing worth having comes easy. Going through tough situations and coming out of them without giving up molds you into a stronger person and gives you a foundation so that down the line, when faced with even harder situations, you're better equipped to deal.
Ok I'm done rambling.



  1. Good luck love. I literally was going through/still am going through the same thing. Lots of sadness and feeling lost while being a 20 something in NY. It's hard, but there's always a bright side. Keep your head up and surround yourself with those you love :)

    xox Lara

    1. thanks for this sweet comment darling <3

  2. Awwwwh I feel you. I feel you for real. So I think it's understandable you take that break and it's really okay to rant sometimes, you just need to let it out. Yes the 20 somethings have stories to tell. I want mine to inspire as well, coming out strong.

    Stay strong, Stay beautiful.

    P.S- Those heels look super comfy, very classy too :)

    1. ranting is so necessary. sometimes i feel dramatic but i cant act like it doesn't make me feel better!
      thanks bebe oxo

  3. Love the shoes! Great neutral color too!!


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