Friday, November 2, 2012

Smoke n' Mirrors

Photo taken with Instagram

My sincerest apologies for my lack of posting in the past week. I've been jumping through cities quite literally and finally have my feet planted in one place. 
 I was finally able to escape my house today after being stuck because of all this horrible weather. I managed to get out of NYC this past Sunday in the nick of time and my neighborhood thankfully didn't get hit as hard as others. The temperature is quickly dropping, so I decided to stick to my usual all black uniform when I went for hookah and dim-sum with one of my best friends today. 

 My corduroy skirt is definitely my favorite new item. I can wear it a million ways (dressed both down and up) and I love that it almost looks like a dress when I tuck shirts in. 

Danskin turtleneck
Vintage jewels
Grandma's clutch
My prayers go out to everyone who is still left without power or a place to stay from Sandy!


  1. oh wow! I totally thought it was a dress :) Lovely outfit!


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